Summer Intern Programme (Software, Mathematics, Optics, or Electronics)

Auckland, New Zealand


Want to get a head start on your peers and be part of a globally focused tech team designing consumer products?

We are looking for the next generation of graduates (and soon-to-be graduates) to work with us using Embedded Linux, one of the fastest growing operating systems used in a range of devices – including our smart camera and video solutions.

An internship with us will involve working closely with the engineering team on the development and testing of kernels, device drivers, c, and build & test frameworks. You will be required to immediately immerse yourself in our technology and offerings so as to understand our products thoroughly. This is a great opportunity to develop software engineering skills, learn embedded Linux technology and have a go on our 3D printer and mill to create cool uses of our products and help stimulate ideas in the wider team.

The position is flexible and can work around your studies, with a view to applying for a permanent position should you make one become available :)

As a valued member of the team, you will have an active role in helping design world class video camera systems, so you can expect to be involved in design meetings, testing products and being a real user for the products we create. You'll be placed with a mentor within the company to oversee your day to day tasks and help advise and connect you to the right people and most importantly help you integrate into the wider team!

We are looking for people who:



We hope that this internship provides an exciting opportunity to learn in a fun, fast paced, and changing environment. We invite those who are comfortable talking and interacting with others and have the ability to work well with diverse groups of people, to apply. We want the intern to add value to our team, but we also want the intern to be able to learn and grow in this professional environment.

* Applications close end of August 2019

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